What I Read This Week - 11th November

Time, ruin. Slowing down in a sped-up world. - The Long Run (Laura Sewell Matter at Vela)

It was time to take stock of what we had done to ourselves, and why.

- Confessions of an Analogian Writing for the Webs (Sonya Chung at The Millions)

It took me about a month, however, to get some thoughts together; which was, and still is, typical of me, i.e., I may have joined the digital commentariat, but no form of technology was going to make me a faster thinker.

- “A World Full of People Just Livin’ To Be Heard” (Michael Sacasas)

Often listening depends on silence and deep, unbroken attentiveness.

- The Malleability of Now (Cheri Lucas)

When I see ruins, I see then. I see now. I see what’s to come. I take in all of it, blended and coexisting. A different kind of now, where lines and boundaries are fuzzy.

- And! I wrote a guest post for Cyborgology: On Technology, Memory and Place. It's cheating to list it here, I guess, but oh well. Also see Michael Sacasas's response/riff on similar themes: Conjuring Ghosts: Digital Technology and the Past