What I Read This Week - 4th March

Joseph Heller's outline of Catch 22! Identity! Homesickness! A co-op meeting! This week's list of good stuff I stumbled across whilst (not) working... Charts and diagrams drawn by famous authors (Flavorwire)

What do I Like When I "Like" on Facebook? (L. M. Sacasas at Cyborgology)

When we think about social media as a field for the construction and enactment of identities, we tend to think of it as the projection, authentic or inauthentic, of a fixed reality. But perhaps we would do well to consider the possibility that identity on social networks is not so much being performed as it is being sought, that behind the identity-work on social media platforms there is an inchoate and fluid reality seeking to take shape by expending itself.

Shelf-Conscious (Francesca Mari at The Paris Review)

My annotations—“!!” or “Hahah” or “Bleh”—are asinine, but I’m fond of them. Analyses can be recooked, but these grunts fossilize an initial reaction—how I responded to Notes from Underground at eighteen (“Meh”) and then three formative years later (“WAH”).

On Homesickness (Francesca Mari at The Paris Review)

But the problem with homesickness isn’t just that it impedes ambition; it’s that the object of longing, home, is not as fixed as one might think.

The Epic Live Tweeting of Last Night's Park Slope Co-op Meeting

"If you go to trader Joe's, that's how they do it." Boos from the crowd. "Terrible!"