This Week's News

On Thursday I was on BBC Radio Oxford, talking about the project I'm doing with Oxford band Little Fish. If you're one of the two people I haven't guilted into listening to it yet, don't worry! It's available online for another four days [edit: my bit starts at around 1:12:00). I haven't actually listened yet, because every time I hear my own voice I cringe, but I enjoyed the experience. I arrived very early and I'd had too much coffee beforehand, which may explain why every other word out of my mouth is "exciting!" or "excited!", but mostly it went well, and the Jo, the host, made me feel comfortable and even vaguely interesting. Yay! In other news the leaves outside my study window are red, the ice cream truck is still driving around the block on weekend afternoons, I can't seem to find a decent pair of jeans anywhere (but that might be because I can't seem to bear being in a shop for more than five minutes at a time), I'm alternating between D.H. Lawrence and David Sedaris before bed, and I've had cheese on toast for five out of seven lunches this week.

How's your October been?