A Short London Walk

I love the South Bank. My understanding of the geography of London is pretty disjointed; I can never really see how one area relates to another (I know the names of lots of places in London, and have been to lots of places in London, but my mental map of the place is disturbingly blank, like there are lots of small areas bobbing in a sea of cheap suits, angry black cabs and Pret a Mangers). And I barely know how the South Bank fits into the rest of London (I only just discovered that the London Eye is south of the river!), but I have this weird fondness for it. I think maybe it's because I went there with Xander once, right after we first met. It was warm and sunny and this was before iPhones (which makes me feel SO OLD until I remind myself that iPhones only really came to prominence a few years ago) so he had an actual copy of an actual A-Z, hardbound in black leather. I distinctly remember him bringing it out and me being impressed, though in retrospect I can't think why we needed it, as all we did was get on the Bakerloo line at Paddington and get out at Embankment and then walk across the bridge and look at Antony Gormley statues standing like suicides in the sunshine on the edges of buildings. Then we sat outside and had a beer and watched people and it was pleasant.

Anyway it seems to me that it is always sunny and Saturday on the South Bank, even if it isn't Saturday and even if it isn't really very sunny. So it was very nice to find that this Saturday it was both actually Saturday and actually sunny and we were strolling along the waterfront eating pork sandwiches and ice cream and on our way to see Joanna draw on the walls of the Tate Modern bookshop as part of the launch of her fabulous new book London Walks.

By the time we actually got to the Tate it was late afternoon and Joanna found a spot for us on the shop window (near a fashion blogger and a few portraits down from Boris Johnson) and Xander and I stood semi-still for awhile while she drew us. And now, we're on display! In the Tate! We've been temporarily immortalized (the plan is for the drawings to stay up all summer), so do say hi to our window-selves if you happen to be strolling past.