Stuff That's Happened Recently

• As you may have gleaned from this post, I'm leaving the admin job that's plagued me for the last two years. As with anything, this is not as simple as it sounds. I've resented most of the work I do there from the start - photocopying, filing, playing with databases and excel spreadsheets - but the people I work with have made it bearable day after day, and it's strange to be leaving such a strong community. But I'm moving on to do something more writing and communications oriented, which is what I'm trained to do and what I enjoy, so I can't say I'm not excited. • I won a scholarship to the Matador network's MatadorU, an online travel writing course. I'm very excited about this opportunity to focus on my travel writing, especially as I flail around in the creative vacuum that is the first year post-MA. I'll be blogging my assignments over at my MatadorU blog if you ever want to take a peek.

• The gorgeous Lady Who Lunches has given me an award!. I met the Lady last month , but I've been reading her blog for awhile and always look forward to her new posts. She's a fellow American expat and writer, and I'm very honored to be included in her list of inspiring female bloggers.

• LV from Anglophile Abroad has featured me in her Major Breakthrough series over at LV is a very talented writer and a good friend, and it was great to be able to help her out with this series, in which she interviews former students about the way their major in college impacted them.