Saturday, Late Morning, Springtime

The way people get about the weather here! There is so much giddiness. On the way home from town I stop to try on a pair of ball dresses. Why? I have never had occasion to wear a ball dress in the past; but there they are, swinging on a breeze, £10 each. I try a gold one on first. It looks good. I have never worn a long gown like this before. It fits me perfectly except around the bust where it is too tight and will not zip all the way. The women in the shop don't know quite what to say. I could have it altered, they suggest, except that will be expensive. It's such a shame because other than that it looks so good. The other dress is far too big. I look like a mermaid swimming in a turquoise ocean and I feel like Goldilocks. So I don't buy a ball gown after all.