Deliberate Silence

...all shall be revealed tomorrow, but do know that I'm at work on something exciting! In the meantime I remain busy and tired.  I look tired, and I know I do because several people have remarked upon it with both grace and innocence, and it's hard to explain how this is good tired, as opposed to bad tired, but it is.  The last few weeks have been full of writing, reading, working, running, plotting, researching, and socializing, punctuated by a few frantic bouts of cleaning and resting.  If I were to wake tomorrow and discover it already winter, I would hardly be surprised; part of me is still stuck back in springtime, while the rest of me feels as if time has sped up.  The book is coming along well; I no longer know what my deadline is but I'm working towards it every day nonetheless.

We've spent the weekend in the countryside, under a rare blue sky.  Yesterday I went for a run along country roads; the early evening silence was stunning, and the smell of wheat and sheep dung and grass was delicious.  Descending back into the village, I had a whiff of warm barbecue smoke, and could hear the hum of pub-goers and children playing before dinner.

So if I'm tired, at least it's in the name of something good.  I've never felt so energetic about my own weariness before.  And the silence on this blog is deliberate, because I'm stretched wonderfully thin.