Literary Cheerleaders

A few writing-related things have come to my attention of late.  First, Dave Eggers' "buck up" to anyone worried about the decline of literary culture: "This is a time to roar back and assert and celebrate the beauty of the printed page...Give people something to fight for, and they will fight for it. Give something to pay for, and they'll pay for it."  And then literary agent Nathan Bransford's football-coach-style rally:

Listen up! We got a big submission Friday night, and the publishers out there are going through some hard times. They want to see your submissions sparkling! They want perfection, and as the literary agent of this here team I aim to give it to 'em! It's time to look deep inside yourself and step up yer game! This means everything from revising to your queries to your submissions needs to be absolutely 110% perfect. And anyone who wants to cry about it can take off their shoulder pads and get off my field!

Looks like maybe I'm not the only one who's been feeling a little low lately.  But with my new resolve to make sure this book is finished by September, there's never been a better time to "step up my game."  Much as I want to resist succombing to sports metaphors, maybe we don't get to pick what inspires us.