Ben's Big Gig

Some months ago, the Man went out for a routine pint, and when he came home, he said, Yeah, Ben and I are going to do This Really Cool Thing.  And I said, That's Great, in that way you do when a loved one is talking excitedly at you in some dark hour and you've just been called from a dream involving a train journey through Egypt with lots of women dressed up like 1920s flappers. So the months crawled by, punctuated by occasional visits from Ben ("Twitter’s finest geek songwriter"), pub meetings, and one particularly memorable evening during which the pros and cons of having someone make knitted tickets for a performance and then sell them on etsy were heavily debated (at the end of it, I can confidently say that my best--and possibly only--contribution to aforementioned Really Cool Thing is coining the term "knickets").  This Really Cool Thing blossomed into Ben's Big Gig, an amalgamation of music, humour, poetry, and, naturally, groovy technological things I don't really understand, and Ben's Big Gig is suddenly about to happen.

So while the boys are holed up in some wifi-enhanced Jericho pub sorting out videos, set lists, Twitter accounts, live streaming, timing, and all the other things I never knew you needed to worry about, I thought I'd do something rather more simple and wholeheartedly recommend that if you live in or near Oxford you make your way to the North Wall Arts Centre this Friday, 1 May at 8pm so you can find out what it's all about (or just to enjoy some fabulous songs written and performed by a talented local artist).  The great thing is, if you can't make the gig, you can still watch it live online by visiting this site.  It's Gig 2.0!

Oh, and did I mention it's officially endorsed by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall? That's way cooler than knickets (oddly enough, they aren't doing knickets...)