Rusty Bicycle Update II

Another visit to the Rusty Bicycle tonight--a quick stop after a lovely evening. I keep promising to write more on this place and I will, but for now, a summary:

  • We like. Very much. Warm, cosy, and exactly the pub you want on the end of your street.
  • Some very trendy people; apparently some sort of message went out to the big-glasses American-apparel wearing Cowley road crowd.
  • Therefore: good people-watching.
  • But not sure how we feel about the cowboy-boot-wearing, Guiness-drinking Tibetan with no sense of social convention. I'm not usually very supportive of stifling and oft-arbitrary customs, but there are some that you just need, and this dude, he broke all the rules.
  • The bike rack out front is getting lots of use. How very cool.