House of Words

I'm on a bit of a design kick these days. Last week the Man and I went for a lovely dinner with some friends, and then spent the entire ten minute walk home discussing how we would re-do their kitchen if it was ours. We didn't even get to the rest of the house.

I have also developed a--let's call it a "healthy interest"--in bookshelves. Anyone who's been to our house knows that the Man and I don't seem to believe in any form of decorating except to pile the books a little higher. But if we were a little wealthier, we could have some seriously cool bookshelves, as the following photos illustrate. Who needs art when you have these?

Having said that, the Man and I are cultivating a fondness for big, bold prints like these ones, discovered courtesy of this blog:
The more I think about it, we seem to be literally building a house of words (here I am, a writer, and here he is, a researcher). I think the visual manifestation of this started with this print, which the Man picked up from work (on the other side, it's actually a promo poster for Penguin):Our most recent acquisition is a fabulous little print from the lovely Badaude, who offered a wonderful books-for-artwork exchange last month. Since we are already the proud owners of the print she was offering, and since we are neighbors, we popped over one chilly evening for a glass of wine and a perusal through some really rather stunning stuff. I'm such a fan of this sort of old-fashioned bartering system, and, as the Man pointed out, there's something weighty about owning a piece of art that you have a personal tie to. (When he said this I suddenly remembered going to Santa Barbara with my parents as a child, to this artist's studio, and how my favorite paintings growing up were always the two we'd chosen on that day.)

It was a tough choice, but here's what we've ended up with from Badaude (the photo doesn't do the incredible green real justice). It's called "wake-up call" and the man in the middle is, the artist told us, actually Edgar Allen Poe, though she hadn't realized it at first. How apropriate: