Morning Post(al)

I'm up much earlier than usual today. I've had my breakfast and now I'm sipping tea. I'd like to say I'm enjoying the view (it's a beautiful blue-sky morning and I can even hear a few brave birds chirping) but there's an enormous black and orange truck parked outside the lounge window, so, you know.

These days I'm...

Listening to...Ray LaMontagne.

Watching...30 Rock. Recently we've particularly enjoyed their rendering of Gladys Knight's "Midnight Train to Georgia," and also James Carville's guest appearance (I couldn't find a YouTube clip of that), though as he's aged he has started to look increasingly like a character from Lord of the Rings and it's hard to believe that when I first saw The War Room I actually found him weirdly sexy. That was definitely a triumph of brains over brawn.

Reading...Going Postal by Terry Pratchett. Let me explain: ever since I met him, the Man's been going on about how funny Terry Pratchett is, and reading me excerpts from the only two Pratchett books in the house (I'd like to draw your attention to that number--two--so you don't get the idea that the Man is a Terry Pratchett fanatic of some sort), and I've been duly ignoring his suggestions that I have a go at reading one, paying more attention to my eBay adiction or whatever book I did happen to be reading at the time. The Man likes to read Pratchett before bedtime--make that re-read, for the five-hundredth time, probably--and I've gotten used to seeing his book covers as they slump down onto my pillow and the Man slips into sleep. I even bought him two new Pratchett books this Christmas, partly because I knew he'd enjoy them but also partly because I'd gotten really tired of looking at the same two book covers all the time.

I didn't actually consider reading one until I got sick last week and couldn't be bothered to get out of bed to find a suitable book. So I reached over and grabbed Going Postal, and you know what? It's really, really, quite good. I keep reading the funniest bits out loud to the Man, who tries to hide the look on his face that says, yes, that's great, I've actually read you that passage before and you ignored me. Last night I told him I was thinking of putting this into a blog post and he said, "so it's basically a blog post about me being right?" and I said, "yes, yes it is." So there you go.

Ugly truck update: two men got in and drove it away a few minutes ago. The birds are chirping with increasing authority and bravado, but the blue sky appears to be diminishing. But none of that matters, especially, because by this evening, we're going to have a new POTUS, and man, that makes me happy.

Now I have to get off the couch and go to work.