Sunday News Roundup (A Trifle Late)...

Just one on the agenda today, because, let's face it, apart from all the doom-and-gloom predictions about how shit the economy is, and how much shitter it's going to get, there's really been only one constant this week, and her name is Sarah Palin.

I have but three things to say about Ms. Palin (the very sight of whose name makes me feel anxious in a way I haven't since High School, when I was consumed with worry every day).

1. SHE IS A CREATIONIST. Who just recently acquired a passport. No, ladies and gentleman, this is not the latest Miss America, this is the potential President of the United States.
2. When, how, how and HOW did various (fairly respectable) media outlets decide that she not only isn't that bad, she' invigorating choice for VP? Am I living in an episode of the Twilight Zone?
3. Did I mention she's a CREATIONIST? Who just recently acquired a passport? 'Cos, see, we have this thing called the separation of church and state, and I'd quite like to see that upheld. Moreover, we have this thing called FOREIGN POLICY. Foreign. Policy.

If Ms. Palin is allowed anywhere near the White House—anywhere near—then I shall suggest a mass exodus from the USA.

In other news, the St. Giles fair is on in Oxford. I'm now of the opinion that you can't fully comprehend the word "surreal" until you've seen a roller-coaster shooting by the austere walls of an Oxford college, a Merry-Go-Round beside the Martyr's Memorial.