good thing he comes off as gracious and charming...

"Speaking to The Guardian this weekend, Rushdie said: 'I am not trying to prevent him from publishing his stupid book but if they publish it as it is there will be consequences and there will be a libel action.'"

This in response to the publisher's delay of Ron Evans' secret service memoir, which Rushdie "says portrays him as 'mean and arrogant'":

"Apparently these [excerpts] claimed that the security guards protecting Rushdie during the fatwa against him 'got so fed up with his attitude that they locked him in a cupboard under the stairs and all went to the local pub for a pint or two'."

While I certainly hope the last bit isn't true (it's hardly comforting to think of security guards shutting their own wards up in cupboards), there is something to be said for the brilliance of Rushdie responding to allegations of his attitude with the phrase "stupid book."