Have been trawling the web all day for health/politics reporters at work, so I am absolutely swimming in the shit of US politics (well, slogging through, more like--wading with rubber boots and a grimace painted on my lips). It's a country-wide, all-bets-are-off, money-fueled circus, and the elephants and the donkeys of 2008 sure do produce (and inspire) a lot of shit.

As my father very wisely said: "You could not make this stuff up -- it would seem too absurd." It falls more in the realm of science fiction than public affairs and political analysis. Who stole the politicians' brains?

“Chuck Norris doesn’t endorse. He tells America how it’s going to be--" so says Mike Huckabee, who seems to be under the impression that Mr. Norris's presence at the US border will solve all our immigration woes. (yikes) Norris has officially endorsed Huckabee; it's hard to say which of them is crazier, at this point.

And in this corner, we have headlines like: "Paul '08 Bid Endorsed by Brothel Owner: Presidential candidate Ron Paul receives endorsement from Nevada brothel owner." Apparently the kids who run around stumping for Paul have a name: Paultards. The New Yorker had a little blurb about a group of them at Columbia University. I'm paraphrasing, but one of them said something that basically amounted to: "I just can't understand why you wouldn't vote for someone who actually wants to lower your taxes!"

In other American news, a four-year-old-boy has been suspended from class for sexually assaulting his teacher. Apparently he buried his head in her chest whilst giving her a hug.