Ms. Knightley Meets Ms. Vane...(But I'm Not Paying Attention)

Rather weirdly, the last 5 films I have watched feature Keira Knightley.

I didn't notice this until just yesterday, when I finished up the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean, and thought, "gee, I've seen an awful lot of her face lately..."

I wonder if this says something about I just naturally drawn to the kind of film that features leggy, cheekboned, puff-lipped beauties? Probably. I'm certainly not drawn to the kind of film that makes you think too hard. I've discovered I don't have the patience to sit through movies, really. I get distracted and want to get up and come back later. Even in the fifteen minute long streaks that I can sit through, I have to be doing something. Eating, generally, though once I've run out of food, I go back to picking my fingers (eek). I've smuggled food and drink into movie theaters across the world (that sounds far more impressive than it is). I constantly need to lean over to my companion (provided I have one) and offer a running commentary, which I, of course, think is ceaselessly witty, but everyone else thinks is just annoying. Full stop.

So when I do indulge in a film, it's generally the kind that doesn't require you to pay it your fullest attention. I certainly enjoy the moviegoing experience, occasionally, and find that takeout and a DVD is often a blissful combination. All this having been said, ought I really be surprised that Keira Knightley is in every other movie I watch?

Probably not.

On another (slightly more literary) note, I've finally finished Gaudy Night. I took my time with it, because I have found that curling up on the pile of blankets on my floor with a cup of tea and a diverting novel is a great pleasure these days. Especially when an Autumn wind blows cold against the window, and the leaves come fluttering from the trees on my street. Now I can turn my attention back to one of the other 400 books I'm reading.

I'm beginning to see a theme here, and I'm not sure I like it. If attention spans were measured in something concrete, mine would be, I suspect, lilliputian.